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7 steps to preparing your house to sell

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You have lived a good life in your home so far, but for important reasons, you are moving on. What are the most critical steps to prepare your home to sell?

It can be hard to pull up roots and leave your precious home; it is one of life's profound changes that most of us go through at least once. Emotionally and mentally preparing yourself is the most crucial first step.

Planning is the best active move to make the most of this vital opportunity. Being disciplined and focused will make the process much more relaxed and the path ahead of you far more transparent. Get prepared for many ups and downs emotionally. One aspect of this preparation is to make your home as attractive as you can to a potential buyer. Take pride in what you have achieved with your home so far, and that pride will help to sell your home.

Imagine the new homeowner walking up the steps and through the front door and imagine how they will fall in love with your old home that is now their new home. Now imagine yourself and your family also falling in love with your new home!

The first thing any new prospect is going to react to is the wall colors, the decor, and the state of cleanliness. We are prgrammed to notice these things. They are about to make a serious life-changing investment. Ask yourself what impression will your house make?

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