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I live in a vibrant town nestled in the mountains where two beautiful rivers converge. I love my life and my work here in Asheville, and I hope you'll enjoy my posts. I write about what’s happening in and around the city, and my interests include art + design, photography, architecture, music, people, dining, gardening, books, real estate trends, hiking, and dogs. 

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House Care Calendar

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Yearly House Care Calendar 

Maintaining Your Home From Season to Season

No matter the time of year, you can be maintaining your home and your investment. Each season affords specific tasks that allow you to make steady monthly progress on improving your home's condition. Be warned! Neglecting your home's maintenance can cost you a ton of money over time and even be unsafe! Your home may be your most significant investment, and to not only maintain it but to actively improve on it makes financial sense. In no time, small issues can lead to extensive and expensive repairs. Properties that are not well maintained can lose10 percent (or more) of their appraised value.

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